Does your dog pull on the leash, dig, chew, bolt, or jump on guests, totally ignore you at the most crucial times?  You will be amazed at what obedience can do to solve these and many more issues. Obedience should be fun but also challenging for your dog, as they love challenges and learning. Our Wilmington dog training provides mental stimulation and that is key to their mental sanity. Just as important – obedience should NOT change your dog’s personality – if anything, it should help show it off. Obedience is the single most important ingredient for your dog to live a happy life. It provides a “language” for you and your dog to communicate through with words like Heel, Sit, Come, Down and Place.

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Is your dog aggressive toward humans or dogs? Aggression is not a natural state of mind for dogs, we can help you help your pup change his state of mind for the better. Your dog wants help too! Aggression is not a natural state of mind for a dog, so it is a correctable behavior. This is another issue we love working through because dogs are so much happier once they are free from this burden. The first thing we need to do in solving your dog’s aggression problem is figure out “why” your dog is reacting aggressively.

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Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety is an issue many face today with life’s busy schedule. Does your pup cry, bark, destroy, have accidents or just seem extremely anxious when left alone? We can help! This is one of the most common issues we work through with dogs. We see it all the time. Separation anxiety is one of the most rewarding issues to solve – nothing is more gratifying than helping a dog gain the confidence to be alone and feel secure. Separation Anxiety is one issue that typically will never solve itself. What happens is a dog learns to “cope” with the anxiety of being alone by doing something like chewing, whining, or pacing – and the owner always comes home.

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All of our programs come with unlimited follow ups for the life of the dog. Life shows up and we always want to be available to help you and your dog continue to work through any situation at any time. That is our commitment to you to solve the problem forever!   Several lessons will be at high distracting areas like a park. Reaches full off leash reliability with your dog. Teach obedience commands: Heel, Come, Sit, Down, and Place. Tests big distractions to make sure reliable.  Includes unlimited lessons until we reach our goals. Included unlimited group lessons for the life of your dog.

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Control of your dog’s behavior means a great life for your dog.

Going for relaxed walks

It is way more fun for your dog to walk with a loose leash and enjoy the fresh air and scenery!

Going to Restaurants

How fun it is to take your dog to dinner with you! Control makes it happen.

Playing at the Park

How cool is it to be able to let your dog play at the park and enjoy life!

Getting the right Attention

Be able to give your dog LOTS of love for the right things!

The Wilmington, NC Dog Wizard is #1 Dog Training service, offering classes, programs and in-home visits to help you enjoy your time with your dogs. We have obedience training, aggression and behavior modification training, new puppy classes and group socialization. Contact us today for more information. Click Here.